Oops and hooray–CBC elxn41 posts live

Further to my recent—and as it happens, premature—citizen blog goodbye, I investigated further and discovered the posts by us #elxn41 citizen bloggers were moved to a different, archive location on CBC’s servers. So if my mother or anyone else wants to read them, there is no need to scour through the Wayback Machine. At this point they’re still accessible, via the same URL save for the addition of “2” after cbc.ca/news: cbc.ca/news2 instead of cbc.ca/news.

For example: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canadavotes2011/myelection/yourtake/2011/04/victoria-worries-about-the-future-on-the-mainland.html is at Victoria: Worries about the future on the mainland There is no autorefer from the original URLs—I imagine for the very good reason that these are archived posts, and #elxn42 looms.

One of these days I will find some time to update all those URLs. In the meantime, those interested in reading can insert that “2.”

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