So Long, Your Take Posts

The other day I went over to to take a peek at the full text of one of my Your Take posts—those citizen blog posts I wrote in spring 2011 during the Canadian federal election campaign. Alas, they are gone: the 2011 federal election citizen blog site has been taken down. I suppose this is reasonable, given that a new federal election campaign threatens to descend soon (or arguably has already).

To be respectful of my licence, as one should, I only blurbed on my site, instead linking to the posts on the site. I did save screen caps and my text submissions, as an editor there suggested I do. Anyway, to wax nostalgic about my volunteer stint for CBC and see my name on the mothership, I can still find most of my Your Take election blog pieces (along with most of the rest of the Internet), via the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive.

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